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Convert eBooks and Digital Media into Android Apps

UPDATE: AppOpus Apps Now Have Over 1 Million Downloads in Google Play!

Anyone Can Create Rich, Interactive Android eBook Apps in Minutes with AppOpus Builder, As Easy As Point and Click!

How Does It Work?



Step 1

Create a professional quality cover - with or without design skills.

Beautiful on all Android screens. Supports font embedding for flawless scalability.


Step 2

Design a table of contents. Customizable down to the minutest detail.
Step 3

Load and arrange the sections/chapters of your ebook or digital media pages. Supports rtf, txt, HTML5 (and JS/CSS) - embed videos, games, music or any other html compatable media.

That's It! Now You're Ready to Publish Your Apps on Google Play, Amazon, and More!

Why an App, instead of a "plain" ebook?

  • Protects your content without intrusive DRM.
  • Users can be automatically updated with latest content.
  • Completely self-contained native Android Apps - It just works, no need for additional "viewer" software.

An outstanding array of features, wrapped in a beautifully functional design:

  • Works flawlessly on all 1100 Android devices, phones and tablets, including Kindle Fire
  • Amazing Text-to-speech with native Android voices
  • Search
  • Automatic bookmark resumes when restarted
  • Intuitively organized navigation
  • Scales perfectly accross all screen sizes
  • Landscape or Portrait
  • Rich interactive content (Embedding, JavaScript)
  • Supports .rtf, .txt, and HTML5 (epub is html)
  • Sell your creations in the App Marketplace
  • The best ebook reader/app on Android!
  • Not just "books", but any digital media.
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AppOpus Builder

Create custom, standalone ebook and media Android Applications easily - and instantly!

The most advanced Android publishing platform!

AppOpus Builder is an incredibly easy to use tool for making ebook and digital media Android apps. Build a high quality app in minutes, and upload it to the Android Marketplace. Profit!

  • Packages your ebook into a standalone Android App
  • Designed for efficient mass-production.
  • A professional quality tool, easy for amateurs.
  • Generates fully Native apps in Native (Java) code.
  • Fully customizable Icons and Fonts.
  • No programming needed, completely Graphical Interface
  • Design scaleable covers, gorgeous on any device
  • Saveable, fully reusable projects
  • Your work is 100% yours.
  • Not limited to strictly "ebooks" - works with any digital media that can be embedded in local HTML5 files.
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Create professional quality covers easily

Create professional quality covers easily

Customizable down to the minutest detail

Customizable down to the minutest detail

Import, arrange, edit your ebook chapters

Import, arrange, edit your ebook chapters